Rocío Asensi. Copyright 2010


Despite our social, cultural and geographical differences, do all men have the same concerns? I mean our dreams and deepest, authentic desires, the ones that help us show who we really are.
This work represents a search of our deepest dreams, the ones that best represents us and see whether we really are very different or much more alike than we can imagine. One way of looking at the most intimate part of human beings and demonstrate that our essence is much closer than we can imagine.

I also use the concept of desire as the source of creation. From our first thought, we are deciding what we want to create. In addition to seeking the connections and differences between us, I am interested in the idea of the man as creator of his own life and his surroundings. By the time we start to visualize our wishes, we are already creating them in some way.

The genesis of this work is a video I recorded in different countries of Europe and America. Participants were guided in a meditation which subsequently made them visualize their wishes that later on would be explained by them in the video. I searched for the widest range of sociocultural, religious and gender of participants that came from the different countries selected.
It consists as well of different pieces of installation, photography, design and sculpture.

2007 Artistic Creation Award, Autonomous Region of Madrid.
Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid 2009.
Museo Provincial de Huelva 2011.

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