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Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that means "Remember that you will die", in the sense that you must remember your mortality as a human being.

The phrase has its origin in a peculiar custom of Ancient Rome. When a General was marching victorious through the streets of Rome, after him a servant was in charge of remind him of the limitations of human nature, in order to prevent incurred in arrogance and pretended, in the manner of an omnipotent god, to use his being able to ignore the limitations imposed by law and custom.

Memento Mori, in this case as a reminder of your instability as a fixed structure, your today will not exist tomorrow. The influences and vital experiences will transform you. Using emotion as a filter for it, waves of water that remind us of eternal movement.


It is a light installation of variable dimension, formed by candles on wall-mounted iron brackets that recreate the phrase Memento Mori. An altar enhanced with a projection of light waves on water.
Spotlights will be projected onto a waterway with moving water. Because of the reflection properties of light and movement of water waves, this effect will be reflected in the wall surrounding Memento Mori.
It is a living piece, of eternal movement. Candles, light, water, cycles without end that represent the infinite, life and death, transformation and transmutation.
The piece is accompanied by sound. Visitors can participate in the lighting and maintenance of Memento Mori, as an altar, a mystical space, enhancing and maintaining the ritual of transformation and change.

FILUX, International Festival of Light, Museum of Light. Mexico DF 2013.

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