Rocío Asensi. Copyright 2010

Rocío Asensi. Madrid.

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 1997 from the Complutense University of Madrid. This education is completed with the attendance at different courses of Multidisciplinary Art, Lighting Design and Installation. Her works in the Department of Art Direction in films and in the show business has been fundamental both in her multidisciplinary way of work and in the importance that Audiovisual Media has in her art work.

She starts her exhibitions in the year 2000. Her most important exhibition that year is “Tentaciones” of ESTAMPA’00, International Fair of Contemporary Multiple Art, with the installation “Equilibrium” which received an Honor Mention of La Casa de Velázquez of Madrid.

In 2002, she takes part of the group show “Percances del Presente”, at La Sala Naranja, Valencia.
In 2003, she shows the installation “Artificial Paradise” at MUA, University Museum of Alicante, at the group show (encontres) art at voltant del MUA, and at La Sala Naranja, Valencia, the work “Reflections” and her first solo show with “Artificial Paradise”. This same year she collaborates with industrial designers in the installation “Light woods”.

In 2004, she shows at Tentaciones of ESTAMPA´04 the installation “The visible and the hidden” which gets the “Ella Award at Tentaciones of ESTAMPA”, to the best female artist at Tentaciones, issued by Equal Opportunities State Office, Town Hall of Madrid. The same work is exhibited at the group show “Lo que no se ve” at La Sala Naranja, Valencia.

She shows at Rafael Pérez Hernando gallery, Madrid, “Artificial Paradise” in 2005, and part of it goes to Art Fair Köln (Germany).

During 2006 and 2007 she gives lectures about her multidisciplinary work at I/Art, Art&Culture Bussines School, Madrid.

With the work “What makes our dreams different?”, she is awarded by the Artistic Creation Award, Autonomous Region of Madrid, in 2007. The same year she participates at the group show with Spanish and Nordic artists at La Sala Naranja,Valencia, and some galleries in Helsinki (Finland).

In 2008 she goes to TIAF08, Toronto International Art Fair with Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, where shows in 2009 the multidisciplinary project “What makes our dreams different?”. The video which belongs to this project is showed at OPTICA, International Videoart Fair, in Paz, Bolivia, and at ESTAMPA´09 in the Autonomous Region of Madrid space, representing the Artistic Creation Award. In 2011 this project is showed in Sala Siglo XXI, Museo Provincial de Huelva.

Since a stay in India works on the project "East and West", presenting it in March 2012 at the gallery Asm28 of Madrid, Spain, as part of the Miradas de Mujeres festival. The same year moved to live in Mexico.

In 2013 she participated in FILUX, International Festival of Lights of Mexico with the piece "Memento Mori". In Mexico she participates in 2014 in "Paraíso en Sombra", in Celda Contemporánea, within the proposal Format 3; between 2015 and 2016 she exhibited in ArtSpace Mexico "Memoria RROM", participates in MacoFoto in CDMX. Exhibits through Galería Libertad in Querétaro, in the year 2017, the urban intervention "A window open to the world", and the light installation "Memento Mori". Performs the same year an intervention in the natural area of Valdelarte in Huelva, Spain, with "Aurea".

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