Rocío Asensi. Copyright 2010


Starting from experiences, travels and living memories in countries such as India, Sri Lanka and cities like
Madrid or London, I propose a project which intends to show the differences and similarities between East and West.
Working in an interdisciplinary project, with light, video, photography, sound and sculpture, I confront both cultures through single pieces that show each other´s characteristics. Through ensembles I intend to also show their complementarity.

- The critical moment Western society is going through. Its values, rhythms, priorities. What
we like and what we would change from society. What we have left behind.
-Eastern philosophy and critical thought. Spirituality and injustice.
-What they can give to each other.
I propose a project analizing these formal and conceptual differences between East and West:
- Music
-Concepts on light
-Idea of the world.
-Technical development and rhythms.

Galería Asm28, Madrid 2012.


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