Rocío Asensi

My work develops around the relationship of the human being with his environment, his dreams, fears, prejudices, desires. Life and death, personal and social transformations, cycles, tracks, transits. The natural environment, mystical or ritual, the connection between interior and exterior, the public and the private, how it influences us and how we influence what we surrounds. Travel is part of a search personal, artistic and spiritual, that come together in the development of my work. 

I recognize the space interior or exterior of the inhabitant as space sacred and binding. As a multidisciplinary artist, in addition to working with sound, sculpture, installation, photography or video, my main tool is light, both physically as symbolic. I claim the complementarity of the technological with the ancestral, with the tradition, the analogical; linking the avant-garde with the origins. I consider it the starting point from which keep building, the one that roots us and ancestral identifies our map.